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First Session, What DO I DO???

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

This is a common question and this article is here to help you out. Hi, it's Spencer the owner of Spencer Studios in Lancaster, Pa.

The first step you've probably already done at this point prior to reaching out. By now you've probably gathered music and instruments to record, you may have selected a beat to sing or rap over and you've practiced a great deal so that you can take advantage of every valuable minute in the studio.

The next step is to reach out to the studio. Set a date, time, and number of hours for your recording session. BE ON TIME! It is not a guarantee that we have availability outside of your scheduled window. We often have clients scheduled back to back on session days.

Send your backing track and any audio you need for the recording session ahead of time to your engineer. Your session time is valuable and we'd rather use that time to record you than to search for, download, and format any files you might need to make you magic happen.

Bring water, music, lyrics and even any supportive friends you might need. We want you to feel comfortable just know that the studio is a smoke free space as smoking can damage the diaphragm of the microphone itself. We want to continue to record the best sound possible now and in the future.

Lastly, search up the address and plan for transportation before your session. Spencer Studios is located in suite A at 313 W. Liberty Street Lancaster, PA 17603. If you have any questions on the day of our phone number is 7176348955.

If you want to know more consider scheduling a free session with us,

Spencer Miles Spencer Studios 313 W Liberty St, Lancaster, PA 17603


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