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What Are Your Remote Prices?

Updated: Jan 7

Don't want to read the article? Here is a quick breakdown:

New customer discount: $250 (includes mixing and mastering)

Mixing: $200 per song

Stem Mastering: $175 per song

Mastering: $150 per song

A constant question I get and rightfully so is, "How much will recording my music cost me?" So many studios out there charge an arm and a leg, that is not us. Our business model is to give you professional results on an affordable budget. My name is Spencer Miles, I have a master's degree in Music Technology and I own Spencer Studios.

Mixing and Mastering

Before we dive into prices let's talk about the differences between mixing, stem-mastering, and normal stereo track mastering. Mixing is when an engineer takes raw recorded tracks balances and processes them into a stereo file known as a mix. Stem mastering occurs when a client delivers multiple pre-balanced and processed tracks known as stems with the intent of allowing the mastering engineer greater ability to make adjustments during the mastering process. Mastering occurs when the client delivers a single stereo mix. To make things simple if you want everything done in-house we offer what we call the Song Package which is $300 per song which includes mixing and mastering. We do not charge per revision, we're not happy until you're happy and we'll keep revising until the song is where you want it. We even offer free remixing sessions after we send you the first mix which can be completed in person or remotely.

New customer discount: $250 (includes mixing and mastering)

Mixing: $200 per song

Stem Mastering: $175 per song

Mastering: $150 per song

It is that simple. There are no hidden fees or complications. We do our best to be transparent and affordable because we do this for the music not to lighten your wallet.

Spencer Miles Spencer Studios

313 W Liberty St, Lancaster, PA 17603


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